Harleys New Spiked Studded Dog Pet Leather Collar

Harleys New Spiked Studded Dog Pet Leather Collar


Hello!, to all my K9 friends! I'm so excited to tell all my butt sniffing, tail wagging friends about this comfortable and stylish leather collar I received today! It came in the mail today....Yes! My masters spoil me so much and I may drool and shed my hair everywhere but,.....they love me! 

I love my new collar and look! The leather is soft and comfortable, it's not tough and itchy but nice and snug as the rivets and spikes don't irritate my skin. My masters say the collar is an improvement with my brindle breed....whatever that means, whoof! They do take it off me at nights so those poky things don't bother me as I sleep and I agree but complain that I snore and sometimes let out a backfire out of my butt from time to time, as I don't understand why they make a big deal about it as they do it too. 

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I can't believe they would display me in this insulting way....."No more licks and playtime with me until I contact my attorney!" Back to my new collar...., I know this cool new collar will be with me for sometime as it is very durable and strong my furry friends, whoof! The D-ring is thick and strong to with-stand my tugging and pulling when I get excited but I try not to as my masters correct me every time I do it. My new collar looks great on me and I think it will look great on you too. Pick one up at K9Boxers website here.

It's time for me to sign off and eat some kibble and lay out on my comfy bed, until next...Chow!

Love Harley

Team K9Boxers

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Harleys New Spiked Studded Dog Pet Leather Collar

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